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187th Eastcost Avenue

on Sun 19 Nov 2017, 11:53
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History of 187th Eastcost Avenue

187th Eastcost Avenue is a families filled by gangsta. Their always hangout together and spending his time with a stealing something, robbery and murder, they are one of the new gangsta on Los Santos city located at Idlewood area, the Idlewood area is his mighty, In the families, there is one man is founded this blocc that tells the story with long time, it's Dawood Dorofey, he is a real man who live at nearby Idlewood and he was born at there. Dawood Dorofey is a leader who have a lot of experience and always lead their nigga, before this family was formed by him, Dawood is a gangster are quite famous in one of gangster Los Santos, then he started to get the experience that many of the other gangsters joined in there.

Dawood stared to act by selling various stuff with many people so he was much known and get a lot of respect. Until at that time there are some gangsters who envy with Dawood and cause the occurrence controversy in the families. Dawood was trying to think wisely how to stop the controversy this and he choose to decide out from families and trying to make an families again with the name is 187th Eastcost Avenue on Idlewood as he is leader from his families. One day, Dawood was relaxing in Idlewood area and he is meet with someone then he talk to stranger. Dawood also told him about story at the time of controversy they also understand each other and that is Darnell Carrington.

At that time everything is changed, Dawood and Darnell always together is doing some job for their life, take action robbery, killed someone with order from people, stoled something and delivery drug ilegal. They do it with usually and relax because their is the one of top on gangster other in Los Santos city. Until now they are still running the illegal business it for some bucks, at that time they have no rivals or alliance around his area, those keep doing some shit with both of him.

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Re: 187th Eastcost Avenue

on Sun 19 Nov 2017, 13:54
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Re: 187th Eastcost Avenue

on Mon 20 Nov 2017, 17:45
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Re: 187th Eastcost Avenue

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